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Issues To Put Into Consideration When Finding A Good Chimney Swe

Chimney sweeps have come a long way from what they used to be eight centuries ago. Those days, a sweep was usually a little boy who would do the job on the grounds of being tiny enough to fit the passages. This was however a very cruel way of using children and was later put as an offence. Nowadays chimney sweeps are adult professionals who use specialized tools as compared to the old sweeps who used only a brush. You do not need a sweep to do the job for you, since in a few steps you can get it clean yourself. Here are some factors to consider when choosing chimney sweep Virginia has.

Gather the required tools to clean the chimneys. This will save you the hassle of having to run around to get supplies in the middle of your cleaning procedure, all the while spreading dirt and debris everywhere. Some of the tools that you will require to have will be newspaper, cleaning solution, heavy brushes, bleach and a trash can that has been lined.

The fireplace should have cooled off completely by the time you begin cleaning it. Cleaning it while hot may burn you or damage your brushes. It also poses a fire threat in the event that embers from the fire come into contact with the newspapers they can relight.

Remove the grate on your fireplace. Scrub it thoroughly using dish-washing soap and a scouring pad. Also, lay some protective covering on the adjacent floor, especially if it is carpeted to prevent spills and stains.

Clean out any of the debris that has settled on the floor of the hearth. Using your broom and dustpan, get as much of the ash as you can and put it in your rubbish bin. You can then sweep up the remains using a light broom or better yet, vacuum it up using a vacuum cleaner. Lay a bed of newspaper on the hearth once you are done. The purpose of this is to collect the soot from the chimneys as it falls.

Using a stiff brush, thoroughly scrub the walls of the chimneys in order to remove the soot. Protect your eyes from falling soot by wearing protective eye-wear. Let the soot fall on the newspaper. Once it falls here collect the newspapers and carefully dispose of them to avoid spreading the soot everywhere.

After scrubbing all the soot off, and are sure that it is clean, take your brush and dip it in your cleaning solution. Use the brush to vigorously scrub all around the chimney area. To ensure that you are reaching all the places, you might have to attach your brush to a long pole or a broomstick. Repeat this procedure a few times in order to get the best results. Once you are done, rinse off with some warm water and leave it to dry. Once you are sure that it is totally dry you can put back the fire grate.

It is advisable that once in a while you seek the assistance of a professional sweep. This will have to be someone who has vast experience and training in the field. They will help you by showing you more efficient ways of cleaning out your chimneys as well as inspecting them in order to ensure that they meet the preset safety regulations. Take your time and choose the best chimney sweep Virginia has.

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